Easy Harmonica Lessons

Harmonica Lessons Made Simple

Have you always wanted to play the Harmonica like a pro but never thought you could, well think again my friends because if a tone deaf, musically challenged person like myself can play something that won’t make you cringe then you sure can too.

JP Allen has released a series Harmonica lessons on video that promise to have you playing up a storm within 3 months.

Play Like This ….

And Not Like This……

JP Allen really takes the art of the Harmonica and breaks it down into simple easy steps so anyone can learn in as little as 7 minutes per week, although I must say here that 7 minutes is perhaps a little bit ambitious for most people and the you will find that you pick up the lessons quicker if you practice and play more often.

No matter what though you can be jamming with your buddies in no time at all and here’s why..

# JP’s “no practice” Harmonica lessons. Yep I was pretty skeptical too but what really goes on is YOU PLAY, weird hey but it works, you just play along step by step through each new video and practice alongside JP as he shows you how to play your Harmonica.

# Just 7 minutes a week. JP’s lessons are designed so you can learn in 7 minutes although I must admit the more I played the quicker I improved but you will find the lessons so much fun that playing more is really not a great problem.

# Step-By-Step. It doesn’t matter if you have never touched a Harmonica in your life because the lessons are designed with that in mind and they take you step by step through the entire process as each lesson adds to the previous one and you build on what you learn in an easy and practical fashion.

Take a look at how JP teaches you…

Whats Wrong With Normal Lessons?

Most of us have had experience with regular music lessons even if it was only in school and if you are like me then this would have put you off learning any instrument, including the ever popular recorder :) .

Of course there are other teachers online and they have good and bad points like anyone but in general there tends to be a rapid progression through the lesson rather than the methodical step-by-step plan that is a feature of JP’s course.

The Harmonica is an easy instrument to learn and it is only this that allows JP to teach us the way he does, this is the first 100% play along harmonica lessons that I have found but rather than take my word for it take a look at what some of JP’s students are saying about his course…

Easy Harmonica Lessons

So What Do You Get

Well in about 15 hours or so of step by step video lessons JP will teach you…

The 11 core essentials to make sure you get the full potential from your Harmonica.

How to Bend so you get that great bluesy sound that all good players want.


Easy single notes.

How to control your breath because you will never master harmonica if you can’t do this.

The hand techniques that give you a touch of class that most people will never achieve.

How to master Rhythm so you can get the base of your playing down right from the start.

It doesn’t matter what style of music you enjoy either as JP goes into all styles including Blues, Country, Rock, Classical, Folk and Gospel.

So far so good but I also found the bonus material to be very useful, you get a great comparison of the best and worst Harmonica’s to look for, 6 digital song books with more than 100 songs ranging from blues to rock to gospel so you have plenty to choose from.

You also get a Riff software teaching you note by note a 12 bar blues progression plus another instructional series with 100 minutes plus of extra lessons that will take you from beginner to being able to jam and play melodies easily, and more importantly its just good fun.

Its nice also to see that you have an option to purchase a physical product rather than just a downloadable version which is available also, the cd pack comes with free shipping and you also get access to the downloadable product so you can start learning long before the mail man turns up.

The course offers a full 12 month money back guarantee with easy access to JP’s staff if you want to get your money back, just a little piece of mind if you find out that you really can’t play Harmonica and your family is going to leave you if you keep trying :) .

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Last but not least check out this 8 year old student of as she really cuts loose…

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How To Clean A Harmonica

blues band

Harmonica Love

A harmonica can be a great instrument to play and its unique sound can add a new dimension to any track. However, to ensure it performs well for years there are some basic elements of care and maintenance which can allow a long life span and a great quality of sound.

The initial consideration before you begin to clean your harmonica is what kind of material is it made from. Older harmonicas were made almost exclusively using a wooden comb, brass reeds and plated lower and upper plates. Contemporary harmonicas can have synthetic or metal combs made from aluminum, nylon, plastic or titanium. These newer materials are amazingly stable and they do not absorb elements of moisture causing warping.

While many people don’t consider the harmonica to be high tech or sophisticated, it does have a precise method of making music. Continue reading

Harmonica Lessons : Learn To Play The Harmonica Today


The harmonica is an underrated instrument and can be an excellent musical instrument for beginners to learn. The most common type of harmonica has a diatonic range which means it is based on one key. It ten holes in a row, with each hole having two reeds. By using different sucking and blowing techniques, it is surprising how many sounds and chords can be produced by this type of harmonica. This is probably the cheapest type of harmonica which is also the easiest to play; it is not as versatile as chromatic types of harp, which has more holes and a button to allow the play of all the notes, but is perfect for any beginner.

If you would like the flexibility to jam with any other instruments, you should choose a harmonica in the key of more common notes such as A, C, D or E. Although once you gain confidence, you will be able to play a full melody; usually harmonicas are used to add a riff or character in a break of other instruments playing the melody.

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The History of Harmonica Blues

The History of Harmonica Blues

Harmonica blues first gained prominence in the 1920’s when it was featured on a number of recordings intended for the market of African-Americans in the southern states. It was still considered a toy by the majority of people and many viewed it as a poor person’s instrument. However a number or musicians began to experiment with different techniques to create new sounds which began to feature as solo pieces such as those recorded by DeFord Bailey.

1950′s Influences

By the 1950’s the harmonica blues phenomenon had travelled the country and found its home in many areas in the north especially Chicago. Sonny Boy Williamson II (Rice Miller) became one of the most influential harmonica blues players in this era. His act which was broadcast daily on the “King Biscuit Hour” became one of the South’s most popular acts. His group was a full blues band, and he highlighted the versatility of harmonica blues playing, making the cross harp technique popular. He had a very chatty feel to his playing by using hand effects to emphasis the notes. This powerful sound was influential on a number of musicians in the 1960’s and some of his compositions have become well known standards within the blues culture.

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